The best thing about treks in living amidst nature in the campsites. When the loudest sound you hear is the music from the gushing of the river.
With a lovely forest and a river next to it, the first camping night at Shitkadi near Sonamarg was truly wonderful.

First day morning on the Kashmir great lakes trek, as we start from the Shitkadi village.

Thajiwas Glacier right behind us for most part of the day as we trek towards Nichnai

A bird's eye view of the Sonamarg town after the first hour of the trek

Shepherd huts on the way. You’ll find a plenty of these throughout the trek

Kashmiri girl striking a cute pose for us in return for chocolates. Right or wrong, with that purple shawl around in the setting, I could not resist clicking this.

It isn’t July if the clouds don’t gang up on you

Water sources are never a problem, as you are close to the streams most of the time

High alpine meadows Kashmir is known for. This is the stuff we signed up for this trek.

Throughout the trek, you have the company of the sheeps. And this time they gave me a perfect frame with leading lines and the mountains and the greenery — all in perfect balance

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