Heavens above the Roof
When you wake to such a breathtaking view every morning, can you find a better place to spend some quiet and romantic moments with your loved one?
The Drama before the Rains
The road to Munnar from Tamil Nadu is curvaceous with lusty green fields all around.  This was shot near Bodimettu, the village from where the roads get exciting to drive, the wind makes itself heard and the heart starts beating as musical notes.
It was not yet raining, the monsoon was getting geared up and the sun playing dramas with the clouds and the rain.
Life Sprouts Everywhere
Monsoon brings life everywhere where ever it makes presence felt. With greener life all around, especially with the new ones sprouting around, the eyes never get enough of the pleasantry.
Straight from the Paradise
“Sit by a river. Find peace and meaning in the rhythm of the lifeblood of the Earth.”
- An anonymous quote probably from someone who has been here.
Endless Greenery
Miles upon miles of lush tea plantations limited only by what our eyes can see, sipping a hot cup of tea is the best way to enjoy the weekend love affair with the magical monsoons in the mystic Munnar greenscape.
Road to Bliss
Munnar’s roads are curvaceous, each curve seeming to hide a new mystery and yet another breathtaking scenery.  When behind the wheels, you are always in a fix, whether to stop now or keep driving to the next curve. Start stopping and you will find yourself lost among the greens.
Trickling down the heart
When you are on the banks of a gushing stream watching the last rays of the setting sun, or sipping steaming tea sitting in an easy chair overlooking the river, listening to the chirping of birds as they prepare for the end of the day, listening to the forest across the stream slowly coming alive…. There’s nothing better than being busy doing nothing.

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